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    Yesterday, I enjoyed a nice evening at Julian in Brookside.  I had heard a little about this place, but not enough to have too many pre-conceived notions about what to expect.  What I did know is that the chef is a bit of a celebrity in Kansas City.  This is James Beard award winning chef Celina […]

  • Avenues Bistro – Leawood

    Avenues has not been on my list of places in KC that I want to try, but not because I haven’t heard good things. Actually I have been there several times already, but it was never an ideal situation. Previously I had been there for a business lunch or two and found the menu to […]

  • Our First Cookout Party

    This weekend, we had a couple of family members in from out of town. We decided to have a get together with everyone in my wife’s family, which is a large family. It was decided that we would have a cookout and our house was offered as the venue.  In the end, it worked out […]

  • ingredient

    Sunday afternoon was my first time to visit ingredient restaurant on the plaza.  I don’t know anything about the history of the restaurant, but I thought it was interesting that the sign says “Chef Owned!”, especially now that I see on their website that there are nine locations and that this is a franchised concept. […]

  • Justus Drugstore

    If you’re not familiar with Justus Drugstore, you need to be.  Chef/Owner Jonathan Justus and his wife Camille opened a restaurant several years back in the old pharmacy that his mother had worked at for decades.   This is just one of the many things that makes dining here a memorable experience.  Situated in an […]